Flat rate In-store Services.

Computer/personalized services setup: $95 per hour In store. Virus eradication starts at $135.

On-site labor: $125 per hour at your location. Virus eradication is not recommended on-site but can be done for $175 and up.

Laptop hard drive install without operating system installation: $60

Memory (RAM) install: $40

Desktop video card install: $45 to 65

Power Supply install for most desktop computers: $85

Virus Eradication, in-store prices.

Please note, if you require a on-site visit that involves virus eradication, we will gladly pick up your machine and take it into our facility free of charge within a 20 mile radius of our shop's location.

1st Tier: $95
plus optional Internet Security software $74.95.

Our first tier service involves getting rid of any malicious adware or spyware, doing system security updates, check your browser for any search engine changes that were not warranted, and fixing any compromised security settings on your computer.

2nd Tier: $145
plus optional Internet Security software $74.95.

Our second tier service is expanded to include a full system security scan with our anti virus software, removing any trojans, backdoor exploits, or worms that may be on your system, restoring any core system functionality that was lost due to a virus infection (e.g. lost internet connectivity, unable to open common files, unable to browse the internet normally, slowness or sluggishness in your computer's performance, etc.)

3rd Tier: $260*

Our third tier service is our most comprehensive service that covers your system if it has been completely compromised. We will back up all of your data, if it is recoverable, do a complete system restore to factory standards, we will also re-load all of the data that was backed up if recovery was possible, and we will attempt to assist you installing any missing programs. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for any applications that you may have had on the computer, however, we will put all of your personal data back in the same places on the system.

We do Service Contracts.

For $800 you get 1 year of discounted and free services (call and ask store for details). Saves you hundreds of dollars a year if you're a frequent customer or business.

Attention customers with E-waste:

We no longer take in printers or Computers for recycling; therefore if any printer that is dropped off at the shop for any repair, there is a non-refundable $40 charge that must be paid in advance.
E-waste fees in California are very high and we have no choice but to charge E-waste when selling computers, tablets, network devices, or printers. That is also why we now charge $40 anytime an electronic device is taken in for recycling. Confusing as this is, a lot of our E-Waste drop off sights have now gone or are taken up by the county on a once per month basis, we make nothing on dropping items off, therefore we don’t take in old computers anymore and we don’t want to be a depot for someone’s old junk.