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Basic Hardware & Software Repair

Is your screen not working? Do you hear beeps coming from your computer? Is your machine running painfully slow? We will troubleshoot and fix almost any hardware or software issue for your PC or Mac, including laptops desktops, and everything in between.

Virus & Malware Removal  $90-$260

If you suspect that a virus has infected your computer, give us a call and let us diagnose the problem. Whether it's Spyware, Malware, Adware, Viruses, or just really troublesome Bulkware, we have the means to remove some of the worst Spyware or Trojans around. We are committed to helping our customers surf the internet safely and with ease. We offer a 3 tiered system for virus eradication.

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Onsite Service & Repair
Starts at $125/hr.

Our team of skilled technicians will gladly travel to any location in our service area (within 20 miles) to provide on-site support and repairs. We will schedule a convenient time and provide first-class service to solve any problem encountered. Common services include network setup and wireless printing configuration.

Data Transfer & Recovery
$90 Transfer | Call for data recovery prices

Whether you bought a new machine and need your data transferred, or you want to recover files from a non-working machine, we can transfer documents, photos, music, and more to your new machine quickly and efficiently. Our services cover Macs, PCs, and even smart-phones and tablets.

Computer & Software Training
$75/hr. in-store.

We offer hands on training in all kinds of software and hardware. We will get you up and running like a pro in no time. Our specialties include getting to know a new system, printing, going online and email, as well as various types of software, including Microsoft Office and Photoshop.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

We can install any upgrade to your desktop or laptop machine. Whether you need more RAM to speed up your system, a larger hard drive, or a new video card to increase graphics performance, our technicians can help. We can also solve problems with installing various types of software.